Converting face-to-face training to virtual training

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05 Apr

Most companies are now converting face-to-face training into virtual training to accommodate the current requirements of people staying at home. 

The right tool is key

L&D departments need to convert large quantities of training into virtual training and often require help from business resources which are not L&D experts. And just using any learning modality to quickly convert instructor-led training into virtual training or blended learning might not hit the mark. It is essential to understand when to use what tool to address learning needs and to create an impactful virtual learning experience.

Using the right learning modalities

Patty Shank provides in her article (The Right) Learning Modalities To Deliver Digital Learning: Part 1a short and sharp overview of when to use what learning modalities to create 

Many people are scrambling to use digital learning tools. It’s understandable that many are simply picking a tool (typically a webinar or virtual classroom tool) but if the current crisis lasts a while, that one tool simply won’t do everything needed. Not because it’s a bad tool, but because it wasn’t made to do everything (sales pitches may try to convince you otherwise). You’ll start to realize that you need more than a show and tell with slides.

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