Leading a team and working from home: What leaders need to be mindful of now!

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25 Apr

You are a leader of people, and you and your team are working from home now? Leading remote teams is probably the most common scenario for many of us now. Most people leaders have been thrown in the deep end, without any training and support. In essence, this means “learning by doing” without the safety-net.

What can you do to develop your team and to manage your team remotely? Hilary Jane Grosskopf shares in her article “Work-from-home skills for leaders of team development” 5 ways to build a remote team.

Do not seed mistrust

Before you continue reading, here is just one more thing to consider and to be aware of:

If we want or not, most of us still have the impression that people are only working when they are in the office. This feeling might simply come from the way your leader treated you and deeply rooted “old world” behaviours. Over time mistrust in the ability of an individual to self-manage builds up. Eventually, the individual will feel the distrust. Be mindful as a leader and ask yourself: are you fully trusting your team? Don’t try to control every hour of the day or micro-manage workdays and deliverables. You will seed and earn mistrust and eventually, less team performance.

Five ideas to build a remote team

  1. Send your team a new article every day.
  2. Make sure your team members have enough work to do and track individual and team progress together.
  3. Give your team members individual feedback on something that you normally might overlook or not have time to discuss.
  4. Think and talk about the career development of your team members individually and focus on building a specific skill for the next level.
  5. Prompt your team members with a strategic question, and have them formulate an answer or solution

Source: https://www.chieflearningofficer.com/2020/04/22/work-from-home-skills-for-leaders-of-team-development

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